Tom Brady’s Pitbull Rumored To Be Running Amok On Children’s Playgrounds

05.21.13 4 years ago 31 Comments

Via The Weekly Meat

When a little tidbit like this pops up in your Twitter feed, you cannot help but want to check out the veracity of the story. Neighborhood gossip? Tom Brady? Gisele? A dog? Yes please, we want to know more.

Since this came to our attention via a friend of a friend, we dug a little deeper to see if this really happened. We already knew Tom Brady had a pit named Lua he adores and obviously kids, so it wouldn’t be too far of the mark to think he’d be running around with said dog and children at the park.

We reached out to BK at the The Weekly Meat, who confirmed the Facebook posting came from a good friend of his who also lives just outside of Boston. He responded with the original Facebook post and the following:

When I emailed him about it later, my friend said, “It was that big playground on the esplanade. He was a total ass. He was standing right next to the no dogs allowed sign.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Brady has ignored the rules when it comes to his dog, as there was a bit of a dustup a few years ago when Brady hadn’t registered Lua with the city under Boston’s (discriminatory bully breed) mandatory pitbull registration laws, but this might be one of the first times — if not the first time — someone has said something bad about Tom Brady outside of Super Bowl XLII.

As far has having your dog of any breed off leash at a playground, that’s just asking for trouble. Protective parents, kids who may never have been trained taught how to safely approach a dog, overstimulated pets who reach their own limits at the end of the day. Brady has to know a story like that is too good to stay at the park.

(Thanks for the tip, BK.)

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