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09.12.12 5 years ago 13 Comments

Texas Rangers reliever Joe Nathan dressed up as Tony Romo in uniform during batting practice at Tuesday night’s game against the Indians. I say “in uniform” because for Nathan to dress up as casual attire Tony Romo would have only meant flipping his hat backward and throwing on a Starter shirt. Anyway, the stunt came about as a result of a bet that Nathan, a Giants fan, made with teammate Mike Adams,

Y’know, the Romo uniform bet is all right and all. What really would have made it would have been forcing Nathan to pitch like Tony Romos. Watching a pitcher trying to hit the plate while throwing across his body off his back foot into traffic (first round of the crowd) would have made for unforgettable viewing. Alas…

Also, after seeing Nathan, I wonder how much of the Rangers crowd got angry that they see didn’t just get tickets to a football game by accident? “DAWWWWW, THAT’S THE MEANEST TRICK YOU CAN PULL ON A TEXAN!”

— The Chiefs official Twitter account sent a snippy reponse to a disgruntled fan who tweeted that he is sick of Clark Hunt regularly not spending enough to make the team better. The team account has issued an apology, possibly because the person it decided to get pissy with is a SOCIAL MEDIA POWER USER with almost 130,000 followers.

Today is Andrew Luck’s birthday. Coby Fleener gave him a ride to practice as a present. That’s a pretty shitty gift, Coby. You’re about to get hung up to dry going over the middle.

— Rex Ryan reportedly asked injured special teamer Jeremy Kerley if he’s come down with “the Pittsburgh Flu” to avoid playing the Steelers. Ryan should show more concern as that ailment is both more potent and more Pittsburghish than the well-known Triple Fucking Asian Flu.

Here’s a breakdown of Richie Incognito, who you may remember as the guy stealing rookies’ iPads on “Hard Knocks” being a dick yet again and trying to injure Antonio Smith on Sunday.

— An illuminating read from Smart Football’s Chris Brown on Grantland about how the Redskins smartly gameplanned with RGIII against the Saints. The only caveat is that it portrays the Shanahans in a positive light, and that’s never easy to take.

— The Griffining counter movement has arrived and not a stupid forced meme submission too soon.

— Aaron Rodgers said the one thing he dislikes is Alex Trebek’s attitude. Among the things he does especially like is MAD TV, so Aaron Rodgers is pretty much dead to me now.

— Rodgers claims the widely reported bet he lost to a former member of Boyz II Men that would force Rodgers to wear a 49ers this week if the Packers lost was just a joke that got blown out of proportion by TMZ. You know what, Alex Trebek wouldn’t welch on a bet, so fuck you, Rodgers, he wins.

— Chris Johnson is cracking jokes on Twitter about his poor showing in Week 1. HUMOR!? Everyone, especially sportswriters, know humor is not conducive to winning. He is to but summarily or dealt to a division rival for a four-pack of lighters.

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