Tony Stark is the New Chuck Norris, Pass it on

Entertainment Editor
05.21.10 4 Comments

Although Chuck Norris occasionally does cool things like tool around in a jet pack or casually store a bazooka in the back of his truck (like ya do), it’s time for someone less Chuck Norris-y to take the reins.  And that bronze iron adonis is Tony Edward Stark.  Did you know Tony Stark created Lady Gaga in his basement out of blankets and sound?  It’s true!  Tony Stark can eat six nickels and crap out a quarter. That extra five cents was the transaction fee.*

Below are some of the facts about Tony Stark, who is way cooler than Chuck Norris. And Chuck will get over it. He can take his mind off this by continuing to provide the “special ingredient” that makes Red Bull taste like Red Bull.  It’s piss.  I’m talking about piss.

View more (or submit your own) over at TonyStarkFacts.

* Okay, that thing about the quarter was actually GaryJBusey.  I seen it.

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