Tony Yayo Feat. Mobb Deep – “Body Bag” Video

04.28.11 6 years ago

Tony Yayo links up with Mobb Deep to deliver a few gully quotables on “Body Bag.” These are simple visuals for no-frills rap, just three professionals stepping to the microphone to spit. Yayo, while still far from an incredible emcee, is enjoyable here and Havoc comes strong as well. But it’s Prodigy, coming through with the anchor verse, who steals the track.

The man’s come out of prison sharp – see his verses on “Black Devil,” from his recently released Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP and Curren$y’s “The Type” for evidence of that – and his effort here continues that trend. From the very first line, he’s swinging for the knockout. Fuck that, I gave a lot of passes / Let a lot of n*ggas live, showed a lot of compassion. Damn, and he can say that with the stone-face intact.

If y’all are looking for more of the Infamous duo, today brought some good news as well. According to Havoc, Mobb Deep will drop a self-titled eight-to-ten song EP sometime this August.


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