Too Many Mothaf–kas Spoofing My S–t

01.11.08 10 years ago 41 Comments

Jermaine Wiggins: Hey Brit.

Brett Favre: Hey Jermaine.

Jermaine: Heard you had a gig this weekend.

Brett: Yeh … yeh.

Jermaine: How’d that come about?

Brett: Oh. You know.

Had this project I’ve been working on for a while.

Jermaine: Do you need a tight end?

Brett: No … no. Don’t need a tight end.

Jermaine: Well, how’s that work then? I thought we were part of a band. A band of brothers. In the sibling, non-ethnic sense. Now I find myself with no projects of my own. I’m like a brother in the projects of no projects. I’m like a free… a free floating agent, but without an actual agent because I’m old and useless.

Brett: Well, I’m sorry Jermaine.

Mel Kiper, Jr.: Heeeeey guyyyyys.

Brett: Yeah. Hey Mel.

Mel: What’s going on?

Jermaine: Brit says he’s doing his own gig this weekend. Doesn’t need the band.

Mel: Oooooooh.

Why are you doing that, Brett?

Brett: It’s been going on a while. I’m surprised you haven’t heard about it.

Jermaine: Maybe I’ve just been caring a bit too much about the band. The band we started.

Brett: Is this going to be an issue?

Jermaine: I think it just might, Brit.

Mel: Are you guys going to fight? Like, physically? Like going at each other like wild rams? Banging up against each other and rolling around in the dirt with RAW VISCERAL energy? Get your animal urges flowing? I think you should do that.

Peter King: Erection? Present.

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