Too Soon Links With Human Centipede Cosplay

07.26.10 7 years ago

8 Famous Sea Monsters And Their Amazing Real Life Equivalents [Uproxx]

Summer Guide: Beautiful/Decay’s 10 Creative Fashion Picks Pt 1 [Uproxx]

Somebody got stabbed in the eye (or near the eye) at Comic-Con, and Vince snapped a pic of the arrestee.  I heard Robert Downey Jr. later told the audience not to stab anyone till he was done talking.  I don’t have a joke for that; RDJ is just awesome. [Filmdrunk]

Dor’sho’gha! The trolley stop for the San Diego Convention Center is written in Klingon [WarmingGlow]

After looking at this screencap from The Price Is Right, I’m pretty sure I’ve got 7 days left to live. [TheSmokingSection]

Winnipeg Jets fan calls 911 . . . 15 years later [WithLeather]

8 toys and activities of your childhood that you can still enjoy as an adult [Guyism]

The girls of Comic-Con [TheSmokingJacket]

Comic-Con 2010: The Best in Animation [UGO]

An infographic about apps [NextRound]

‘Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions’ to Star Neil Patrick Harris and More [ComicsAlliance]

Caddyshack is 30 years old; here are 30 things you might not know about it. [InsideMovies]

Parry Gripp song: Justin Bieber and Spaghetti Cat Have Adventures in a Helium Balloon [Urlesque]

VIDEO BELOW: Ron Livingston cosplays Keyboard Cat.  “Best caption forever goes to Redditor incestor_gadget: ‘Looks like somebody has a case of the caturdays.'” [via TheDailyWhat]

[Pictures via @Hawaii and io9]

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