The 2013 Intermission: 100 Songs We’ve Enjoyed So Far

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2013 Intermission Lead 1

Intro by Gotty™

Is 2013 more than halfway over already? Time flies quicker than the money we make and spend frivolously. Moves faster than the stream of music releases at a steady clip. Still, we maintain and bring the our A-game, day in and day out. But right now, it’s time to slow the pace and drop The Intermission, our annual entry of the 100 songs that we played more than most.

We do this blindly. Everybody gets a select number of picks, then we all go to our respective corners, pilfer through the piles of music we’ve picked up along the way. And we all come back with the ones that mattered the most to us. That’s right, to us. These are OUR choices. They’re in no set order or rank. Number 91 is just as dope as number 1 and other song listed here. No rhyme or reason, just rhythm.

Your choices are yours and you’re free to add them in the comments.

Yours in Christ,



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1. A$AP Rocky Ft. ScHoolboy Q – “PMW” — When you realize that Q might as well be a recognized member of the A$AP Mob. (Listen)

2. Black Milk – “Sunday’s Best / Monday’s Worst” — Who says rapper/producers hybrid stretch themselves too thin? Dummies, that’s who. Black Milk was in rare form from on all fronts here (Listen).

3. Run The Jewels – “DDFH” — Rebel rap at its finest, folks. (Listen)

4. Kid Cudi Ft. King Chip & A$AP Rocky – “Brothers” — Well how about this for a trio: two guys who might as well be brothers, Kid Cudi and King Chip (formerly Chip Tha Ripper), and the only other guy in rap who might be as skinny as Cudi, A$AP Rocky, rhyming over a queasy slice of 16-bit production. Like f*ckin’ brothers, man! (Listen)

5. Mac Miller – “Aquarium” — “Aquarium” is that upbeat shimmer of light at the end of Mac’s moody and often times great sophomore album. (Listen)

6. Tyler, The Creator — “Colossus” introduces listeners to the most obsessed fan since Eminem “Stan.” (Listen)

7. Vampire Weekend – “Ya Hey” — The only song you’re liable to hear this year that both questions God’s existence and flips the title of an insanely popular Outkast song on its head. Oh, Ezra, you bookish savant. (Listen)

8. Toro Y Moi – “Never Matter” — What’s left to say about Chaz Bundick and Toro Y Moi’s funkiness? There are only so many adjectives to describe how hard this man gets down, but here, we’ll try one more time with “Never Matter”: explosive synthesizers pop like the Apollo 13 Mission over Chaz’s everyman lyrics about one-night stands and insecurities. That’s all we’ve got. Just listen to the song. (Listen)

9. Wavves – “Lounge Forward” — Aggressive and feral, “Lounge Forward” is what happens when Nathan Williams decides to ratchet up the pissiness to 11 and let rip. (Listen)

10. Problem Ft. Bad Lucc – “Like Whaaat” — Go ahead and try not to two-step to Problem’s unquestionable summer mainstay. This was a banger long before Diddy gave his stamp of approval. (Listen)

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11. Big K.R.I.T. – “King Pt. 3” — The Crooked Letter State’s face of Hip-Hop took everybody to church on this one. (Listen)

12. Gee Watts – “Angels In The Hood” — Better days are something we all yearn for at some point when dealing with life’s hurdles. Kansas City’s newest blood just happened to provide the most recent soundtrack. (Listen)

13. Drake Ft. James Fauntleroy – “Girls Love Beyonce” — A haunting Destiny’s Child sample hovers above as Aubrey and James provide one of the year’s more replay-worthy tracks that’s dark as it is sensitive. (Listen)

14. Future Ft. Casino – “Karate Chop” — Outside of perhaps “Bugatti,” there hasn’t been a more thrilling song/hook to chant at the top of your lungs drunk out of your mind in 2013. Ironically, both employ John Future Kennedy. (Listen)

15. PartyNextDoor – “Welcome To The Party” — Another rapper/singer? More catchy, undeniable anthems? Aight I’ll bite…. for now. (Listen)

16. Kareem Ft. Que – “I Know” — Still under the radar, Louisiana’s Kareem and Que created a straight-to-the-car banger that’s still earning its fair share of rotations in the whip. (Listen)

17. Jay-Z – “Heaven” — “Conspiracy theorists screaming Illuminati/They can’t believe this much skill is in a human body…” Whatever the opinion is on Jay’s newest album, he still flashes moments of undeniable brilliance, like so. (Listen)

18. J. Cole – “Cole Summer” – Kay’s son served himself a slice of humble pie we could all relate to. (Listen)

19. Scotty – “F.A.I.T.H.” – With the always-assured DJ Burn One on the boards, Scotty was given all the luxury in the world to drop one of the more introspective numbers from one of 2013’s better projects. (Listen)

20. Kid Cudi Ft. Haim – “Red Eye” — Cudder may never drop that masterpiece that we all know he’s capable of, but every once in a while, his experiments pay off in a huge way. Only a mind as scatterbrained as the Kid’s could birth a gem like this, some synthetic, expansive, larger-than-life 80’s sh*t that his voice barely touches. (Listen)


Photo: Davy Greenberg

21. Chance The Rapper – “Cocoa Butter Kisses” – If there was one song on Acid Rap that didn’t come across as completely out of left field, this was the one. It’s a surefire single that never got a proper promo release. (Listen)

22. Gee Watts Ft. Kendrick Lamar – “Watts R.I.O.T.” — Equal parts frightening and braggadocios – and with some always-welcomed Kendrick Lamar bars – Watts’ coming-out party set himself up perfectly for one of the year’s best mixtapes, Watts Up. Plenty of time to play catch-up if you aren’t hip yet. (Listen)

23. Big K.R.I.T. – “My Trunk” — Your whip will thank you. Or hate you, depending on how outdated your speakers are. (Listen)

24. Robin Thicke Ft. Pharrell & T.I. – “Blurred Lines” — Despite its constant exposure, we can’t help but smile every time Thicke’s hit gets radio or commercial play. It’s been a great year for pop music. (Listen)

25. Justin Timberlake – “Let The Groove In” — J.T.’s zesty hit off of The 20/20 Experience has us looking forward to the 2014 World Cup which, if it’s smart, will pimp the hell out of this song. Have tod love the Latino-influenced horns. (Listen)

26. DeLorean – “Breathe” — A true underground gem right here. If corporate America ever needs a James Earl Jones stand-in, DeLo’s calm, cool and collected vocals would be a more than adequate replacement. (Listen)

27. Alley Boy, Starlito & Kevin Gates – “Long Haul” — Alley Boy and Starlito both featured “Long Haul” on their respective projects, but the standout element of the record is Gates’ and his pain-tinged chorus. (Listen)

28. Kevin Gates – “4 Legs & A Biscuit” — Gates’ haunting opener for Stranger Than Fiction will make you peek out the window on some paranoid shit. (Listen)

29. “Rocko – “U.O.E.N.O. — Before the Rick Ross-rape lyrics controversy. Before the ungodly number of remixes. Before all that, Rocko had a hit. That was before all of the aforementioned mucked things up. (Listen)

pharrell jammin

31. Daft Punk Ft. Pharrell Williams – “Get Lucky” — Daft Punk broke out of their classic EDM-mold, and in doing so made a song that could well go down as “song of the summer.” Thank a cooling, disco-inspired guitar riff and incredible vocals from Pharrell. (Listen)

32. Prodigy & Alchemist – “Stay Dope” — A standout track from one of June’s standout albums. P’s not-quite-rhyming bars sound rejuvenated over classically sinister back alley production from Alchemist. (Listen)

33. Adrian Younge Presents the Delfonics “Lover’s Melody” — The man behind Black Dynamite continues his run of lush throwback soul production, this time giving new life to the unforgettable voice of William Hart over a slick loop of piano, bass and drums. (Listen)

34. Tef Poe – “Rap F*cked Up” — Continuing his steady come-up, one of STL’s finest attacked this slow, spacy beat with vicious energy. (Listen)

35. Jarren Benton – “Dreams” — Jarren’s usually stereotyped to making serial killer music, but “Dreams” shows a different, vulnerable side that makes the character a man–a real, relatable man. (Listen)

37. J. Cole – “Villuminati” – One of the few gems off of Born Sinner, “Villuminati” shows that Cole’s capable of rappidy rap in its purest form. It’s a dark, dismal record that will have the listener thinking about Bugattis, the Illuminati, education, and the real world all in the span of a couple minutes. (Listen)

38. Logic – “Young Jedi” – Logic is one of the most promising emcees of the newest generation and he puts on a lyrical display for the world to see. And Dizzy Wright’s assist is no slouch either. The two rappers show a great chemistry together that leaves us thirsting for more collaborations between them. (Listen)

39. Schoolboy Q – “Yay Yay” – The whole TDE roster is stacked, but with his upcoming album, Oxymoron, ScHoolboy Q is taking his turn to bat, and the first record from the project sees him hitting a home run. This .gif pretty much sums up any further thoughts. (Listen)

40. YelaWolf – “Catfish Billy” – Anyone who’s followed Yeller’s career knows his loose cannon alter-ego deserved a theme song. On his underrated Trunk Muzik Returns project, Catfish finally got his due and the haunting result plays out like eyes-squinting horror flick that you can’t help but watch. Or, listen to on repeat. (Listen)

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41. Tyler, The Creator – “Rusty” – Tyler can’t rap. Tyler’s a gimmick. Tyler’s this, Tyler’s that. Listen to “Rusty” and come back with the same opinion. I dare you. (Listen)

42. Wale – “88” — It’s gotta be the shoes…and Just Blaze’s rolling production. (Listen)

43. Chance The Rapper Ft. Ab-Soul – “Smoke Again” — Ride to it (please), smoke to it, drink to it; Chance and Ab-Soul really nailed the whole “feeling myself” vibe with this one. Thank quality bars and a bombastic beat. (Listen)

44. Rittz – “For Real” – Considering how diverse The Life & Times Of Johnny Valiant is, a few songs were considered for this list. Yet, this rowdy subwoofer exploder is just so sonically powerful in all-around quality that it stands out from the pack. Basically, Rittz is a freak of nature and this is a prime example. (Listen)

45. Kevin Gates – “Paper Chasers” – If there’s one song you should check out by Gates, this digitally-enhanced rock-chopper from his Luca Basi Story mixtape might just be the one. However, the downfall here is that there is a good chance you’ll end up repeating his “Ponchatoula and Springfield” lyrics constantly, without knowing why or being able to stop. (Listen)

46. J. Cole Ft. Nas – “Made Nas Proud” — When word of newbie J. Cole’s “Let Nas Down” hit the ‘net, the upstart was ridiculed for his shameless fandom of God’s Son. But Cole would get the last laugh, as Nasir apparently took notice of this gesture and took it upon himself to record this symbolic passing of the torch, all the while proving that he could hang with the new gen of rappers in his sleep (Listen).

47. N.O.R.E. Ft. Large Professor – “Built Pyramids” – The song is technically by P.A.P.I., but considering we haven’t heard a track this nostalgically sound in some time from the Queens OG, we feel it’s only right to give due to the CNN member’s real moniker. (Listen)

48. Seven The General – “Knowhere” – The veteran Detroit street sweeper took his game to another level when pairing with Nick Speed for their A.R.T. (The DIA Project) mixtape this past spring, and this singalong hood anthem shows the diversity he’s capable of bringing to the table. (Listen)

49. GLC Ft. J-Nan & Really Doe – “Everything” – Whether you live in the Windy City or not, listeners from all over are bound to feel the gut-wrenching struggle in this ism-inducing and super soulful outro from GL’s Silence Of The Lames mixtape. (Listen)

50. The Dream Ft. Fabolous – “Slow It Down” – DJ. Chill with the motherf*cking love songs. Seriously. You didn’t play Terius’ single enough and we had to play it out on our own. Your bad. (Listen)

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51. Waka Flocka Flame Ft. Young Thug – “Come Around” — From Waka’s more emo Duflocka Rant Halftime Show mixtape, “Come Around” is like a trap fairy tale. Young Thug adds his weirdo flavor with his unique brand of spastic sing-yelling, while Southside and TM88 of 808 Mafia create a woozy, magical beat. (Listen)

52. SL Jones – “Takin’ Chances” – Why Jonesy doesn’t get more love we don’t know. This intro from his M-16-produced Trapper’s Delight EP just shows how the Little Rock hustler can simultaneously deliver street details and catchy single-worthy hits better than most. (Listen)

53. Big Bank Black Ft. Kevin Gates – “Animal” — Kevin Gates is having a phenomenal year, and “Animal” is just another instance where he steals the show. Big Bank Black keeps up, but the Mike Will Made It production coupled with Gates leaves us wanting more, more, more! (Listen)

54. Lana Del Rey – “Summertime Sadness (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)” — Ryan Hemsworth’s remix to Lana’s downtrodden “Summertime Sadness” stripped away the depression and found an upbeat, dance-inducing song, but more importantly opened our eyes to the greatness of the Canadian producer/remixer. (Listen)

55. FKi & Kaskade “Another Night” — Starting out orchestral, with the lowend kicking in… FKi and Kaskade make a mesmerizing jam that reverberates through your body and/or stadiums. (Listen)

56. Juicy J Ft. Pimp C, Young Jeezy, & T.I. – “Show Out (Remix)” — Juicy J has a Pimp C feature. If that isn’t the definition of a “Show Out,” then I’m not sure what is. Young Jeezy and T.I.’s appearing on the OG Juiceman’s remix isn’t a bad look, either. (Listen)

57. Migos Ft. Drake – “Versace” — “Versace” is a silly, catchy song, but a jam nonetheless as Migos prove they are quite the force to be reckoned with, especially when paired with Zaytoven. Then Drake went and added his two cents, reminding us that he’s one of the best out there right now. (Listen)

58. Rihanna – “Pour It Up” — RiRi’s ode to the strippers and her money followed a similar and successful structure that Mike Will Made It has instituted. No complaints here. (Listen)

59. Drake – “Started From The Bottom” — Even if “Started From The Bottom” is a stretch for Drake, we can all agree that this has got to be one of the best, if not the best, feel-good song of the year. (Listen)

60. Chance The Rapper – “Acid Rain” — Chance The Rapper dropped the best project of 2013. Sometimes the truth don’t rhyme. Chance bares his soul over Jake One’s subdued production and shows that beyond the verbal tics and adlibs there’s a ton of substance for listeners to mine (Listen).

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61. Jay-Z – “Somewhereinamerica” — Hit-Boy’s winning streak continues, as he brings the horns back to hip-hop for the MCHG standout. Jay’s rich guy ruminations remain defiant in the face of the billionaires who grow increasingly uncomfortable with how close the 40-year-old phenom is to joining their exclusive club. (Listen)

62. Rick Ross Ft. Jadakiss – “Oil Money Gang” — Rick Ross, Jadakiss, and the J.U.S.T.I.C.E League are a match made in heaven. That is, if your idea of heaven includes fluffy mounds of cocaine, dirty money, and gorgeous women (Listen).

63. Prodigy Ft. Domo Genesis – “Y.N.T.” — Bandana P and Odd Future’s Domo Genesis float through Alchemist’s lush production like a breeze nudging the treetops of a Brazilian rainforest. (Listen)

64. Pusha T – “Numbers On The Board” — Pusha’s wild-eyed hyper-confidence over Don Cannon’s fidgety and atonal production is the antithesis of everything you hear on the radio today. Push’s flow dances over every shift and tic in the beat, blanketing each twist and turn like a shutdown cornerback (Listen).

65. Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y – “For Her” — It seems improper to listen to Wiz and Curren$y’s brief but satisfying Live In Concert anywhere except near a beach with sand as soft and squishy as ’70s carpeting. “For Her” is a good song to play in the background as you crack a champagne bottle across the bow of your new yacht, which you named D’Beautiful. You should pick a better name (Listen).

66. Tyler, The Creator – “IFHY” — Tyler’s angsty, emo, masterpiece could bring even the oldest oldhead back to the days of teenage love. You know, the kind that you think will last for ever but ends in three months (Listen).

67. Curren$y – “Mary” — Curren$y’s ability to rap about weed so often and never be boring is astounding. “Mary” is one of the top five song’s he’s ever made on the topic, which, if you’re a long-time fan of his music, is a real feat (Listen).

68. J. Cole – “Power Trip” — 2013 has been very good to J. Cole thus far. After leaving much to be desired on his 2011 debut, Jermaine came back strong with his sophomore effort Born Sinner and this smash of a radio record. Letting your favorite emcee down with your 1st single can be a doozy, but more than made up for it with what I consider this year’s summer anthem and a strong contender for song of the year (*ahem, Grammy committee*) (Listen).

69. Drake – “5 A.M. In Toronto” — With the rap game in need of a much needed surprise, Aubrey Graham provided that with his unexpected release of the freestyle of the year. Reminding detractors and fans alike that he is good for more than his collection of LCD singles, with a few subliminal shots at the comp and setting the Twitterverse ablaze at 2 a.m. in the morning, Drizzy again showed why he is Hip-Hop’s current heir apparent (Listen).

70. Freddie Gibbs – “The Color Purple” – Yes, the majority of ESGN was filled with raps so gangster that bullet proof vests could’ve easily started filling your cue on Amazon. However, this Alexander O’Neal-sampling gem found the Gary resident weaving between crooning thug poetry and rocking impeccable fast flows about everything from dope to dimes. (Listen)

71. Ciara – “Body Party” — There haven’t been many songs this year that have rejuvenated a career the way “Body Party” has for Ciara. Somewhere Keri Hilson is desperately trying to reach Mike Will and Future. (Listen)

72. Wale Feat. Tiara Thomas – “Bad” — Wale may be the most polarizing artist in Hip-Hop at the moment. But there’s no denying that the guy can bring a hit record to the table. While technically released at the bottom of 2012, this atypical record for the ladies slow burned itself onto the charts and set Folarin up for a number-one album spot on Billboard. Not bad by any stretch if you ask me (Listen).

73. Big K.R.I.T. – “Banana Clip Theory” — Though a TSS favorite, K.R.I.T.’s 2012 debut album was underwhelming to put it kindly. But as we expected he bounced back effortlessly with his King Remembered In Time project. Solid from top to bottom, one track that stuck out was “Banana Clip Theory,” with its rapid-fire drumline tutorial and poignant take on the seemingly never ending cycle of black-on-black violence. It’s reality rap at its finest (Listen).

74. Quadron – “Hey Love” — For the first single off their sophomore album, Avalanche, Quadron put their unshowy, dignified soul to the side, offering up a piano sliding, danceable number in its place. It’s their grooviest record to date, and one of the most infectious songs of 2013. (Listen)

75. Jai Paul – “Crush” — Jai Paul is quintessentially modern in his earnest deconstruction of old pop songs. “Crush” — Paul’s synth-washed re-creation of Jennifer Paige’s 1998 hit — gives you an idea why his leaked “album” from earlier this year was so eagerly devoured. (Listen)

76. Freddie Gibbs Ft. G-Wiz & Big Kill – “D.O.A.” — You know the only rapper is who could ever outshine Gibbs on his own track? Big Kill, that’s who. (Listen)

77. Pusha T – “Blocka” — For all the quibbles over his inconsistency as a solo act, Pusha T still manages to hit the mark with some regularity. Cue this Young Chop-produced highlight from Wrath of Caine. (Listen)

78. Rhye – “Open” — Danish producer Robin Hannibal doubled down this year, producing for both Quadron and Rhye — a side project with Canadian vocalist Mike Milosh. “Open,” a moving piece of indie-soul from the latter duo’s debut album, Woman, is another sign of Hannibal’s good taste in collaborators. (Listen)

79. Mac Miller – “SDS” — Mac pulls of non-sequiturs for the fun of it while Flying Lotus plays along with odd, funky sounds. Everyone ought to find something to like with this one: even Dylan’s top five favorite rappers (Listen).

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80. ESTA. – “LisaBonet.” — This beat’s bounce is pretty, pretty difficult to ignore. Go ahead and take the “LisaBonet” challenge if you don’t believe us. Spoiler alert: you’ll lose (Listen).

81. Run The Jewels – “36 Chain” — There’s not much going for this song outside of some great sh*t talking and a hard, plodding beat courtesy of El-P. “36 Chain” is a standout on an album with no glaring weak links (Listen).

82. Kendrick Lamar Ft. Jay-Z – “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” (Remix) — Let this track be a lesson to all rappity rap rappers. Don’t send your bars in if Kendrick has dibs on the last verse. Thank you and good day (Listen).

83. Deerhunter – “Pensacola” — Associate Bradford Cox and his band, Deerhunter, with indie psych-rock, the kind of sh*t that a southern town with a progressive bent like Athens, Georgia’s capable of producing. But don’t do it with “Pensacola.” The fourth track off the group’s 2013 LP, Monomania, it’s a tinny bit of garage rock that’s only accentuated by Cox’ garbled voice. They can get trippy and gritty. Sounds like our kind of band. (Listen)

84. Mr. Carmack – Trigger — This guy’s well on his way if he’s making such elaborate productions this early. All the switch ups, breaks and improvisational bits make for a track with great replay value (Listen).

85. Ke$ha – “Thinking of You” — Most. Guilty. Pleasure. Ever. Song’s addictive yo!! #KanyeShrug #ThugLife (Listen)

86. Mayer Hawthorne – “Back Seat Lover” — Take the lady on a nice date and show her everything she does is beyond appreciated, you filthy scoundrel. And dance the night away to Mayer’s groovy, affectionate opener from Where Does This Door Go. (Listen)

87. Azealia Banks Ft. Pharrell – “ATM Jam”“I got racks racks racks till the ATM jam?” Sounds like a new payday theme song to me. Ms. Banks never bores me with her delivery and even Skateboard P makes this repetitive throwaway beat worth some replays. (Listen)

88. J. Cole Ft. James Fauntleroy “Born Sinner” — Cole’s most used theme is his struggle to rise from his Fayetteville hometown to stardom and no other song captures the pure sound of fighting the odds than his latest album’s title track. It should be noted that part of the track’s success is owed to James Fauntleroy and the use of the gospel choir. (Listen)

89. Big K.R.I.T. – “Multi Til The Sun Die” — No other song released this year creates the emotional swell of K.R.I.T.’s “Multi…” His struggle feels like your struggle and the two of you end up as one small army fighting to achieve whatever destiny is out there with your names on it. Remember that “History remembers kings” and K.R.I.T.’s earned his crown. (Listen)

90. Retro Su$h! Ft. OJ Da Juiceman – “Thirty Seven Thirty Two” — I didn’t even realize I missed the Jewman so damn much until this song and video popped up. (Listen)

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91. Theophilus London Ft. Menahan Street Band – “Rio” – Is Theo a rapper? Is he singer? Who the hell knows. Either way, this grooving trip to sonic paradise from the Brooklyn prodigy sounds like it could’ve been made by Sting and takes listeners on a four-minute flight out of dodge that just every demographic can not only use, but appreciate. (Listen)

92. Freddie Gibbs – “Freddie Soprano”“Freddie McClain, Yippee ki-yay, motherfuckers.” (Listen)

93. Petty – “Drinking With The Old Heads” — There’s no reason why you haven’t been baptized by Petty’s wit and wordplay. But if you’re still looking for a starting point, “Drinking With The Old Heads” is one of his best constructed songs, taken from his Short But Sweet mixtape. (Listen)

94. Casey Veggies – “Life$tyle” — Young Veggies’ Life Changes flew under the radar but the PNC MC may have delivered one of his best projects to date, fulfilling all of prophecy and praise heaped his way. Cardiak’s keys-heavy production on “Life$style” bubbles perfectly with Casey’s endless flow. (Listen)

95. Vampire Weekend – “Obvious Bicycle” — True story: for a month straight I’d wake up at 8 a.m., make coffee and then head down four flights of stairs to my apartment building’s front stoop to smoke a Marlboro Red and listen to this song. Every morning, from mid-May to mid-June. Me, Marlboro man and this song. Obvious bliss. (Listen)

96. Meek Mill – “Dreams & Nightmares” — When he wasn’t wasting time trifflin’ with Cassidy and Gillie, Meek managed to make a cut or two that raised the anticipation of this next MMG project. (Listen)

97. A$AP Ferg Feat. French Montana, Trinidad James, ScHoolboy Q and A$AP Rocky – “Work (Remix)” — Is there a more powerful synonym than “ratchet” than can be found somewhere on the internet? Like, “turnt” or “crinkly” or something? Because that’s what this song is. (Listen)

98. Rich Homie Quan – “Some Type Of Way” — Another sing-songy rapper…with a sing-songy hit on his hands. How long Rich Homie Quan’s shelf life as a rapper will last remains to be seen. What doesn’t, however, is the fact “Type Of Way” was undoubtedly an entertaining summer listen that still hasn’t run its course yet. (Listen)

99. Kanye West – “Blood On The Leaves” — Alternatively titled “The Song That Made Us Remember How Bad Ass KLC Is.”

100. Jay-Z – “Picasso Baby”“I just want a Picasso, in my casa, I mean my castle..”

The 2013 NBA Finals will be remembered for more than Lebron getting his second championship. Announcing the release of his latest album Magna Carta Grail during a commercial break, Jay sent the music world into a frenzy with his “new rules” schtick and one bar centered around a legendary painter’s name. More than a hustler, Hov once again proved he’s the definition of it with this masterful song/marketing strategy. (Listen)

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