The Top 500 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Me That I’m Going to Tell You Anyway

08.30.07 10 years ago 132 Comments

Why did I decide to make this list? Why would I rank the 500 best things things you don’t want to hear from me that I’m going to tell you anyway? Well, you probably don’t care, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

You see, I woke up in the middle of the night wondering, “What do people want to know less about me? The details of my bowel movements, or the sexual positions I use to help my wife conceive?” Ever since that happened, I’ve been unable to think about anything else. So I told coaches and GM’s around the league the list wanted to make, and they all thought it was stupid and senseless. So did my editors. And my friends. In fact, it was readily apparent that this would negatively affect both my professional credibility and my relationships with professional contacts. That’s when I knew I had to do it.

What were my criteria? Did I take a scientific approach and use stats to make my case? Did I base it on each topic’s past accomplishments, or its potential for the future? Did I poll other people and use their votes? Kind of! In fact, I took every step to make it as arbitrary as possible, because that way everyone enters into hopelessly boring and pointless conversations about it.

Without further ado, here are the 500 best things you don’t want to hear from me that I’m going to tell you anyway.

1. Last week I let my wife defecate on my chest. It was a pretty intimate moment.
2. I’ll occasionally get coffee from other cafes besides Starbucks, but familiar name brands make me feel safer.
3. I like the Red Sox!
4. During air travel, I break wind as our plane taxis onto the runway. Instant conversation starter.
5. On Monday night I took in a Madonna concert. She may be a controversial performer, but she’s definitely still got it.
6. Tony Romo‘s cock is beautifully curved. Really, it has the size and shape of a jumbo summer sausage.
7. I have this old Underwood typewriter that I keep in the attic. It types in cursive, and the lowercase Q looks enough like a weathered clitoris to give me an erection.
8. Andy Rooney is the sharpest journalist in the country, hands-down.
9. The worst thing about maintaining a healthy diet so I can be less obese? No more deep-fried butter sticks. Heavenly when dipped in mayonnaise.
10. Finally got around to watching Beverly Hills Cop. I can’t say I liked that Axel Foley’s attitude one bit.

11. I had a layover in Omaha on my way out to the Raiders’ training camp. That was where I saw a teenage boy, maybe 14 or 15, wearing an earring! Can you believe it? Where were his parents?
12. Middle-school girls’ softball games can get awfully competitive.
13. I love being a part of the Sunday Night Football crew, but I wish I could get a suit with an elastic waistband.
14. Dippin’ Dots, the ice cream of the future? You better believe it.
15. If you ask me, Lady is the tramp.
16. Kids these days!
17. I didn’t want to ever have to say this, but I think President Bush could have done a better job with the war in Iraq.
18. Sometimes when I’m bored, I like to slap my scrotum repeatedly with a wooden salad spoon. One time, it sounded just like the drum solo from Wipe Out. I wish had that on my iPod.
19. Everyone knows saliva makes a passable personal lubricant, but it’s more effective if you can get some nasal mucus in there.
20. Have you heard about HBO’s show “Real Sex”? It’s wild!

21. Keep an eye on NBC’s documentary series “The Office.” Michael Scott‘s managerial skills tell me he’s going places.
22. Did you know that the Newark Star-Ledger has baseball box scores from West Coast games in its late morning edition? Let’s see the Internet do that.
23. At a recent Josh Groban concert, I saw someone smoking what I believe was a marihuana cigarette. I sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security. They’ll know what to do.
24. My pick for key fantasy star this week? LaDainian Tomlinson.
25. If I had to choose between eating a pound of your standard brown defecation or a teaspoon of that weird green stuff I get the morning after Indian food and six Sam Adams Winter Ales, I’d have a tough decision on my hands.
26. I think this might really be Brett Favre‘s last year, but you never know. When I talked to him last week, I could see in his soft brown eyes that he just loves playing the game of football.
27. It’s never too early in life to check yourself for testicular cancer.
28. If Barry Bonds actually took steroids, I don’t think his record should count.
29. Who’s got the best condiment bar in the league? I’ll take Heinz Field every time.
30. Am I really the only guy who wishes he could lactate?

31. I wish onions had a juice.
32. I don’t understand why they’re always putting out new editions of the encyclopedia. My 1986 World Book collection stands the test of time.
33. When it comes to linebackers, the best out there are Brian Urlacher, Paul Posluszny, and Chad Greenway. There’s just something about them.
34. Jack Parr could write a joke about zone blocking that would really make you think.
35. I just can’t believe how good U2 is. Every album is better than the last.
36. If you ask me, nothing beats a good wipe with Charmin White Ultra Aloe — the double rolls are a must.
37. I’m not one to speak ill of others, but The Coffee Beanery funds terrorist training camps.
38. Each football season, I make it a personal goal never to defecate during the Giants’ bye week.
39. You have to admire the way the Red Sox have bounced back this season. Anyone else get the feeling that Curt Schilling has taught Josh Beckett something about winning?
40. Have you tried this Marshmellow Fluff? It’s not only delicious, but for my money, it’s a great home remedy for hemorrhoids.

41. The ficus is our greatest potted plant.
42. Sometimes I picture myself on those airline safety pamphlets chasing the other people around the plane with a Swiss Army Knife.
43. Professional wrestling just isn’t believable these days.
44. Aggravating Travel Note of the Week: What’s with all these lady drivers?
45. Thanks to John Derrick of Butte, Montana. You’re right: the reuben at Beth’s Roadside Diner totally gets rid of that semen aftertaste.
46. One of Mike Tyson’s turds got sold for $31 on eBay. I may never have to work again.
47. Why do snack machines sell things for 85 cents? Who carries that kind of change?
48. New favorite iPod feature: shuffle.
49. Paula Cole, I’d like you to meet Tony Romo.
50. I did an interview with an Internet “weblog” called The Big Lead. That fella sure knows his movies!

(There’s the first 50. Let’s hear the other 450 in the comments.)

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