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04.10.12 5 years ago 17 Comments

– I wondered yesterday whether Redskins fans would ever express their RGIII loinfire away from the tidy confines of their obnoxious vanity license plates. The answer came but hours later, when a guy attending Monday Night Raw held aloft a giant RGIII head. Then Jim Irsay came out and said he was drafting RGIII for Team Smackdown, then Brock Lesnar ran out to deliver the F5 on him. Okay show.

– Sticking with the ‘Skins, the media is beginning to suspect there may be some fudging on the official listing of Dan Snyder’s height, a scandal that will inevitable be dubbed StatureGate. Both Snyder and Mike Shanahan are reported to be 5’9″ but Shanahan is noticeably taller in each photograph of the two together. Chuckle for now, but this can only end in Snyder forcing his employees to have vertebrae removed to make them shorter.

– NFL players owning wineries – not just for Drew Bledsoe anymore! Three offensive linemen who were teammates a few years ago on the Packers but have since all moved to different teams started their own wine label called “Three Fat Guys.” Haha, it’s funny because it’s a blunt description of the owners. If any players get into craft brewing, Peter King will sh*t his pants, then stick a lemon wedge in his buttcheeks.

– Michael Vick seen making the face everyone makes when watching baseball during the Phillies’ home opener on Monday.

– Because apparently the world just wasn’t ready for features like “Why NFL Ownership Collusion Is The Last Hope For The Debt Crisis”, NFL Magazine met a pitiable end after only four unreadable issues. Worse still is that the small publishing company that produced it for the NFL will now have to fold. Peter King instant reaction: sad :(

– The worst lazy post meme going on in blogville these days is the “compile a bunch of dumb tweets from random idiots about a current event”. For example: Buzzfeed’s “Top Ten Tweets From People Who Never Heard Of Obamacare.” In an unrelated note, DURR HURR wait there was more than one famous Mike Wallace?

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