“Total Quality Management…”

03.16.09 9 years ago 30 Comments

In an era in Hip-Hop where artists are more predominant than fans, keeping your name relevant is a must. Whether you’re a new jack looking to make a splash or a seasoned vet looking to make it last, certain tactics have to be put in place to elevate your stature. One way to keep your name in peoples mouths and help your cause is by attaching a respected emcee to your track. Find someone who fits your fanbase, drop some cash for a hot sixteen and reap the benefits of crossover love. Easy enough.

This was the formula recently used by weathered wordsmiths the CunninLynguists and C-Rayz Walz, as they both reached out to longtime underground dweller Slug for that extra component of quality.

A few weeks ago, Mr.Walz debuted a track featuring the Atmosphere frontman, called “In Your Soul,” an insightful music-box-ballad from his upcoming album, Who The F*ck Are You?. Then this afternoon, on the day Saint Patty does his pre-drinking, Kentucky-based Hip-Hop trio CunningLynguists unveiled their own Slug spotlight on the ode to hometown heroism, “Don’t Leave (When Winter Comes),” a track which spells the hardships of being an artist who depends on touring. Both songs are worthy of rotation space based off more than their foray in features, but the shrewd intellect from Slug definitely does put them over the top, which proves these artist’s business plans worked successfully.

In a time when Weezy repeatedly adds forty large to his knot for watered-down sixteens without batting an eye or picking up a pen, it’s nice to know an artist who’s paid dues like Slug can make some of his money back by helping starving artists make dope music.


C-Rayz Walz Feat. Slug, Samuel & Sum In 16 – In Your Soul


CunninLynguists Feat. Slug – Dont Leave (When Winter Comes)

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