Traumatized By Tebow Wrath, Mike Silver Becomes Twitter Journalism Professor

02.23.12 6 years ago 16 Comments

There’s been an odd amount of blowback over Michael Silver’s GQ feature about Tim Tebow’s first year as an NFL starter, especially since it was a mostly complimentary piece about the Runslinger tent revival phenomenon. Still, it contained just the right amount of criticism (to be precise, ANY amount of criticism) to set off a massive wave of Tebowtard wrath. Not only that, but those concerned with things like fairness in journalism tsk-tsked Silver for not giving career pissboy Brady Quinn an honest portrayal in the piece.

Such outrage has transformed Silver’s Twitter feed, typically an array of homeristic boasts about Cal Bears athletics, into a stream of defensive comments from the writer and douchey retweets from Silver fans who wished they had haters like their favorite football columnist.

Ha ha, using the most inflammatory quotes and ignoring the rest isn’t how journalism works. That’s how Rock Bottom works.

Take it from me, a failed journalist! Look, I don’t care that Silver didn’t give Brady Quinn a fair shake in his piece. I’ll take players badmouthing Tebow however I can get it. Just be upfront about dicking someone over to spice up a story and don’t fill my timeline with an unctuous lecture about ethics.

You know how I know you f*cked up? You got burned by Norv. No one’s ever been burned by Norv in the entire history of burnination.

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