Trent Williams Whines About Refs Calling Him Names That Are In Every Rap Song

11.18.13 4 years ago 23 Comments


Washington Redskins Left Tackle and Individual award-winner Trent Williams put in another losing performance yesterday verse Trent Cole and the Eagles passrush. Apparently he doesnt know anything about accountability either since he is trying to deflect a tension away from his lackluster play and towards the refs instead. Trent accused “Referee number 81” of walking up to him before a play and calling him “A garbage-ass disrespectful motherfucker” which is tecnhicly only harassment if its not true since Trents a public figure.

But wait Trent Im confused- In a Q&A earlyer this year you said you favorite artists were “Lil Wayne, Kevin Gates, Short Dogg” and those guys all probably use words way worst than that, so how come he credits those type words with getting him pumped up for a win, but oh no when he loses its the refs fault for quoting his favorite song lyrics? Unbelievable, you cant make this stuff up folks. If we’re being consistent a ref should be allowed to say “thats why I f*cked your b*tch you fat motherf*cker” and you have to smile& do the cabbagepatch until he pats your butt and says you can stop.

Trent calls himself the Silverback but with this type of monkey business mudslinging at the refs you can bet that Goodells going to be more about his Greenbacks then anything else folks. Trent has a history of turning everything into a pityparty like when he gets hit in the head with champagne bottles and put on a bus home from Hawaii so you’ll forgive me for siding with a trained league official. Not to make fun of his personal apearence or suggest it has anything to do with this story at all but just look at the guy, I mean come on you talk about being able to eat kernals of corn through a picket fence folks, I woudnt be suprised if he was lying (or doing anything else for that matter) through his teeth no offense.

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