Trial Against Lil Boosie’s Hired Killer Begins

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07.22.11 31 Comments

Prosecutors against Michael “Marlo Mike” Louding played portions of a taped confession in court on Wednesday during a motion hearing by Louding’s attorney to suppress his client’s statements, a confession which could ultimately implicate Lil Boosie in a murder for hire plot. The then 17-year old Loudon admitted to police that he and his accomplice Michael “Ghost” Judson killed another local rapper, Christopher “Nussie” Jackson, at Lil Boosie’s behest and for an estimated sum of $30K.

The catch here is Judson is the one who apparently had contact with Boosie and is now deceased. In the taped confession, Louding tells police he spoke with Boosie after the murder and the rapper stated “Ghost told me y’all hit that boy. I like that.’’ Therefore, Boosie isn’t charged in the case.

It was Louding’s admissions May of 2010 that started the case against Boosie but it’s not the only one for the teen as he’s been implicated for five other murders between 2009 and 2010. One of those is the killing of Terry Boyd, which Boosie is charged in as well and alleged to have more direct contact with Louding in regards to ordering the murder.

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