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YES! Let the rabbit have the damn cereal!

Have Yourself Some Holiday Music [Uproxx]

Are You Still Trying To Quit Smoking? [

James Franco on James Franco.  No, I mean really on James Franco. [Filmdrunk]

Surprise, Cash Cab is fake [WarmingGlow]

This free game is amusing [WithLeather]

John Lennon on Film [UGO]

An Anthem For The Happily Employed [Atom]

Five Reasons It’s Okay to Like WikiLeaks [TSJ]

The Evolution of Emma Watson [EgoTV]

Star Wars Scenes Reworked as Non-Sci-Fi Dramas [Unreality]

Here’s the Craziest Bench-Clearing British Hockey Brawl We’ve Ever Witnessed [BroBible]

Predict the Oscar Winner Based Solely on the Frontrunners’ Movie Posters [Pajiba]

VIDEO BELOW: An honest ad for grad school [via CollegeHumor]

[Banner pic via JuliaSegal, inset pic via Buzzfeed]

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