Check Out This 'True Detective' Deleted Scene That Sheds More Light On The Season Finale

03.13.14 3 years ago 25 Comments

(UPDATE: The clip appears to have been pulled down for some reason.)

We all watched the finale of True Detective, nearly killing HBO Go in the process. And while it didn’t live up to the standards and mythology that many had built over the course of the season, it was a fine cap to a great piece of television.

As we wait for the next season, more and more information comes trickling out to help satisfy our lingering interests. That includes deleted scenes like the one above, providing a little insight into why Rust Cohle’s relationship with his girlfriend Lori falls apart.

It also helps to clear the vision for Rust’s point of view in the finale, where the specter of his dead daughter lingered heavily over his descent into Carcosa and the final resolution of his murder investigation.

One true fact is clear from this scene, which hopefully won’t be deleted once the DVD arrives. Romance is not Rust Cohle’s strong suit and he’s a bummer to be around. But we kinda knew that already.

(Via HBO / Vulture)

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