The TSA Started An Instagram To Show All The Guns, Knives & Assorted Contraband They Confiscate

07.07.13 4 years ago 2 Comments


Recently, the Transportation Security Administration decided to join Instagram, you know, since their social media stunting outdoes any of the rest of us. All of the pics consist of items taken from travelers at airports. But, we’re not talking that toothpaste or bottle of shampoo they snatched from travelers either. They’re hosting photos of loaded firearms, a stun gun disguised to look like a pack of cigs, blades and hand grenades.

The Instagram account is an extension of The TSA Blog, which updates followers on the changes in security as well as weekly roundups of confiscated items. Our guess is the idea to shift to social media originated after that photo of Freddie Gibbs’ weed went viral.

Originally, the feed was spotted via Forbes, who noted that the account had 50 followers at the time of posting on July 2. Current follower count at the time of this posting? Almost 38,000 and growing.

Check the photos in the slides and follow the TSA by clicking here.










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