TSS 2009 NFL Playoff Preview: Divisional Weekend

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Welp, we’re back again trying our hand at picking this week’s games.  Looking to redeem ourselves over our paltry showings last go around, save for Jason who was omitted on accident, we put the mp3’s down long enough to expound on the pigskin.  Maybe this week we’ll even get some picks right.  Y’all know the drill:  Read, call us out for our naïveté & discuss below.

Baltimore Ravens Vs. Indianapolis Colts

The Ravens aren’t going to win this game without some help from Joe Flacco and last week shows that, like many rappers, he’s regressing in year two. Peyton and company will no doubt ride some shady pass interference calls to victory. Pat M.: Colts

It would take another valiant effort the Ravens’ ageless D for them to win this game. The only problem is that they more than likely used up all their points last week against the Patriots. Meaning, that even if they can hold the Colts under 20, they’d still have trouble due to their inept passing attack. MZ: Colts

The Ravens looked quite legit this past weekend, and Ray Lewis didn’t commit any murders, so all in all a good weekend for Baltimore. Then again, they weren’t facing the first 4-time MVP in league history (sorry Pat), and it wasn’t yet Super Bowl weekend (be more careful this year Ray-Ray!). Expect the Colts to win squarely, but for the Ravens fans to blame it on the refs regardless. Jesse H.: Colts

The Ravens are goons. Real live football goons. They beat people up. They laugh at you and somehow find a way to win. That said, Peyton Manning isn’t scared of any man on a football field. No way he loses his first playoff game since winning his fourth MVP award. This could go down as the weekend’s best game. J. Tinsley: Colts

History has shown that an idle Indy results in defeat. Set to change that idea, Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne have the experience to pull off a victory but it will be far from a cakewalk. Joe Flacco when on point can be deadly and Ray Rice has the speed to pull off a repeat performance of last week. In the end, Indy will squeak this one out. Jason H.: Colts

New York Jets Vs. San Diego Chargers

After beating the Bengals twice, the Jets are ready to crown themselves the greatest team in the history of sports. Unfortunately, they’re going to have to settle for being San Diego’s whipping boys, as the Chargers array of weapons, particularly Antonio Gates, are just too much to handle. Pat M.: Chargers

Darelle Revis can’t guard everyone, so while Vincent Jackson might have a quiet game who’s going to guard Gates, Tomlinson & Sproles?  The Jets will have to pick their poison, but unfortunately the Chargers have more than enough to go around.  MZ: Chargers

It was predicted that the Jets would make me eat crow last weekend. Fair enough. I won’t lie, I was mildly shocked at the shellacking the Jets bestowed upon the Bengals, but not nearly as surprised as I’ll be if they somehow stop the blazing hot Chargers. Provided that Philip Rivers plays like he knows how to function a doorknob and shows ANY sign of proficiency whatsoever, I’m confident I won’t be picking black feathers out of my teeth for a second consecutive week. Jesse H.: Chargers

I wanted to pick the Jets. I really did. However, the Chargers are arguably the hottest team in football and Phillip Rivers is in a zone. Rex’s defense will cause problems for Norv’s offense, but not enough to get the W. Then again, I just knew Cincy would beat the Jets. J. Tinsley: Chargers

The keystone of the number one ranked D in the league, Darrelle Revis and the Jets will give Phillip Rivers and the Chargers problems. San Diego however is the definition of momentum this year, coming off of 11 straight wins. Like or not, the Jets will win this game. As long as they consistently run the ball and not make rookie QB Mark Sanchez do too much, they’ll surprise us all again. Jason H.: Jets

New Orleans Saints Vs. Arizona Cardinals

Is it possible for this game to outdo last week’s Cards-Packers romp? I’d say so. The Saints will have the crowd but also the pressure. More importantly, Warner’s in gunslinger mode and the Saints don’t have Ty Law to stop him. Pat M.: Cardinals

The Saints were kind of exposed over the last month when teams kept them from the big plays and kept the offense in check.  The defense began to soften up as well.  Luckily for them, they’re playing the Cardinals who love to give up the big play.  MZ: Saints

This matchup is truthfully the hardest to call out of all of them. Fitzgerald is terrifying come playoff time, but I think the New Orleans crowd is going to be pretty damn fired up. If it’s going to be a shootout, I’m picking the home team. Jesse H.: Saints

With my selection of the Cards, I understand David D. may not ever speak to me again. I’m cool with that. This game could be a repeat of the Cards/Packers game from last week. Both teams have offenses (especially receiving corps) that can put six on the board at any given moment. Both defenses are decent, but can have bad days going up against offenses like they ones they will be facing. J. Tinsley: Cardinals

Although the ‘Cards won last week’s Wildcard round on a defensive play, their D was otherwise horrible. Kurt Warner can still score but if its a shootout against Drew Brees and the Saints, I take New Orleans. Anquan Boldin may suit up for Arizona on game day, but don’t let that blur your vision on the outcome. Jason H.: Saints

Minnesota Vikings Vs. Dallas Cowboys

Like everyone else in America, I’m rooting for DeMarcus Ware to turn Brett Favre’s leg into a drumstick. Regardless, Dallas is building momentum while Minnesota peaked in October, against the weak NFC North. Pat M.: Cowboys

Brett Fave has already shown the Vikings fans what’s to love about him and now he’ll show them what’s to loathe about him.  He’ll check of plays and make Adrian Peterson a non-factor.  Meanwhile, the Cowboys will continue to do what they’ve been doing since the 2nd week of December.  Win.  MZ: Cowboys

The Cowboys are being ridden by the media as the new surefire team to beat in the NFC this postseaon. You remember who that team was last week? The Packers. You see their name anywhere in these matchups? For whatever reason, people seem to be ignoring the fact that the Vikes have the best RB of all remaining playoff teams (Adrian Peterson), a breakout receiving star (Sidney Rice), a rookie of the year who redefines the word “stud” (Percy Harvin), a wiley quarterback out for revenge against a sea of naysayers (can’t remember his name but I think it starts with a B… Brent or something. Also, wileyness bests naysaying everytime, weren’t you aware?), and a defensive end that’s so manly, he intentionally sports a mullet and feels no sense of irony (Jared “destroyer of worlds” Allen). Skol. Jesse H.: Vikings

You know I’m picking Dallas regardless. They were the only pick I got right last week, and I’ll be perfectly happy with the same result in the divisional round. Truthfully, the Vikes are scary as hell, but if it’s one thing they have failed to do at times is protect Brett Favre. With a front seven like Dallas boasts, it could potentially be a long day for #4. Key to victory for Dallas? The Cowboys secondary HAS to find a way to contain Rice, Harvin, Peterson, Shiancoe and Taylor. J. Tinsley: Cowboys

The Cowboys have been on a roll yet I’m still anticipating a Tony Romo meltdown. With the Vikings having the better run attack with “All Day” Adrian Peterson, that might be the edge to pull off the win. If Brett Favre doesn’t limit his turnovers, Dallas can still pull this one off. Either way, I have to give this to the Vikings. Jason H.: Vikings

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