TSS 2009 Playoff Preview: Conference Championsips

01.23.10 8 years ago 15 Comments

Each conference’s best teams battle it out for a trip to the Super Bowl this weekend.  Everyone who was expected to be here is present, as the season served as an extended preview of an inevitable match-up in the NFC.  We always knew the Colts would be here, but who’d rise up to challenge them changed each week as pretenders came and week throughout the season.  Since no one else wanted it, the Jets seek to make the Colts pay for letting them in.  Both games should be competitive (finally!) as two teams stamp their tickets to Miami.

Indianapolis Colts Vs. New York Jets

This matchup + a Republican Senator from MA=Patrick M’s worst nightmare. What the fuck is going on this decade? The Colts eke this game out as their kicker actually hits some field goals. Pat M.: Colts

The Colts have won every game they’ve tried to win this year & only lost to the Jets because they took their foot off the gas pedal. So despite how well the Jets have played in recent weeks, I don’t see that changing as long as their run defense keeps the Jets’ ground game in check. MZ: Colts

Damn my picks! 3/4 last week, but I had a second consecutive feast of crow. Sorry Jets fans, as much as I want to see a Vikes/Jets matchup with the Favre storyline, my picks gotta be Indy. Jesse H.: Colts

I’m 2-8 with picks thus far, but this is when I create my legend. Colts win this one mainly because while Rex’s defense may be up for the task, the Colts D will too. And last time I checked, Manning > Sanchez. J. Tinsley: Colts

I’m probably wrong with this pick, but everyone said the same thing about the Jets earlier bouts with Cincy and San Diego. As momentum rides with “Gang Green,” I can predict a late game upset over Peyton Manning and the Colts. Yes, I’m toasting with the Kool-Aid Man. Jason H.: Jets

Minnesota Vikings Vs. New Orleans Saints

Brett Favre lives up to his playoff legend by throwing 4 picks on the road to crush the dreams of another fan base. The Saints end of the season slump appears to be a mirage, as they’re back to looking unstoppable on offense. Pat M.: Saints win big.

Both teams have overcome their late season malaise and are playing at mid-season form. I still believe that Brett Favre will find some way to screw this up with untimely turnovers; he has the track record and it’s bound to happen. MZ: Saints

What’d I tell you about the Vikes killing those Cowboys? Let the analysts pick the Saints, Vikes fans know the deal. Look for the Saints to overprotect the pass and consequently allow Adrian Peterson to rush for a buck fifty. Jesse H.: Vikings

The fantasy ride that is the Minnesota Bretts continues with a win in the Superdome . Favre Vs. Manning, potentially the greatest Super Bowl ever. J. Tinsley: Vikings

This was a tough decision but I’m going with New Orleans. The Saints offensive line is strong enough to withstand the attack of DE Jared Allen and the Vikings’ defense. Drew Brees has too many targets to score with and will finally live up to the hype. Sorry Brett. Jason H.: Saints

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