TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Killer Mike

05.09.08 9 years ago 82 Comments

Engaging & passionate. Informed & opinionated. Without a doubt, Killer Mike is one of the most remarkable artists in the music business. He verbally kicked in doors and made listeners pay attention when he made an appearance on Outkast’s “The Whole World.” Since then, he has maintained the listening attention to many of those same fans ever since, first with his debut album Monster & then a series of mixtapes released on his Grind Time Records. His growling voice, lyrics that are a mixture of street literature and social consciousness might pale only in comparison to his social & political awareness.

Rising gas prices. “Moving as a village.” His new music independent deal with San Francisco-based SMC Recordings. The influence of Southern entrepreneurial pioneers Tony Draper & Uncle Luke Draper. The Killer mixtape. When Atlanta was a “two hotel town.” The “two sides” of Atlanta & the beefs. Gays. Obama, Reverend Wright & the long-standing relationship Democrats & black folks.

And that’s just a part of it.

The rest, you’ll just have to listen for yourself as Killer Killer The Crack Dealer & TSS Crew’s Gotty™ cover what’s now and what’s next for Mike.

Listen: TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Killer Mike

Pledge Allegiance To The Grind II is slated to release June 17th. For more info, visit GrindTime Online @ MySpace and SMC Recordings’ MySpace.

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