Turns Out, Gatorade Was In You All Along

07.09.07 10 years ago 49 Comments

Here’s Bear Grylls drinking his own pee. What I like is that, not only does he drink his own pee, but that he stores his pee away and takes frequent sips.

Now, before some of you dipshit commenters out there decide to play Mr. Know-it-all and say, “Hey, it’s all for show! He’s got a camera crew! The guys who wrote this show don’t know squat. Itchy should have tied Scratchy’s tongue with a taut-line hitch, not a sheetbend,” please know that I do not care about your criticisms. I am a Bear Grylls fan in the same way that Claymates are Clay Aiken fans. Bear can do no wrong. And if Bear says drinking your own discharge is the way to go, then I’mma start licking urinals clean.

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