Twas The Night Before Christmas And Ryan Gosling Starred In Funny Or Die’s ‘Drunk History Christmas’

12.20.11 6 years ago

The best thing about Funny or Die’s Drunk History series has always been the sincerity with which the guy who’s been boozing all day — in this case Allan McLeod — reads the historical account. Despite being hammered and presumably aware of the recording’s intended use, the drunk guy is always super hard on himself for not being able to read for sh*t, which I find hysterical. I can usually take or leave the celebrity reenactment. Enter the internet’s fantasy boyfriend/big boy man crush, Ryan Gosling, along with a classic Christmas poem and we’ve got a different story on our hands. For my money drunk McLeod is still the bell cow (“I f*cked it all up, guys”) but Gosling’s true-to-character dedicated performance gives him a run.

Jim Carrey and Eva Mendes also star, which would be somewhat irrelevant except for the number of questions it leaves me asking. Like, is an FOD sketch how Gosling goes public with a relationship? Did Jim Carrey do the whole thing to get Emma Stone’s number? Was their delicious egg nog on set? Did Gosling sit the kid actors down and read the true “A Visit from St. Nicholas” over cookies when the shoot wrapped like I suspect he did?

GIF via FOD Tumblr

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