Twin Shadow – “Castles In The Snow”

02.18.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

Listening to Twin Shadow’s ominous “Castles In The Snow” makes me wish rappers would dig a little harder for beats. Not to say pictured performer George Lewis Jr. doesn’t do his own ghostly box-step vocal justice, but the Brooklynite’s swirling ambiance and precisely-placed, tight-knit snare syncopation sound specifically crafted for some spaced-out blunt face who kicks spit to the tune of a different drum-kit. Imagine Kid Cudi or Lil’ Wayne.

Someone way out there.

Come to think of it, had Weezy’s ‘Quilled-out-ass stepped away from the tat shop long enough to check respectable rock-inspired records more like this and less like this, his hemorrhaging Rebirth might’ve actually shaped up, instead of shipped out (nine months late).

The moral of the story: MCs need to broaden their scope and give this extra-eccentric Terrible Records recording artist a ring. Despite looking like a daringly denim creepazoid, Twin Shadow creates melodramatic mood music that could express their abstract criteria better than most.


Download — Twin Shadow – “Castles In The Snow”

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