@Twitter, A House Divided

05.01.09 8 years ago 40 Comments

A friend and TSS extended family member, Ronnie Reese of Wax Poetics, recently engaged me in a discussion about Twitter. Should we sign up? To Tweet or not to Tweet? He would only give in if I gave in.

I made my stance known — I do not do Twitter. He agreed. And a recent TSS discussion showed me we’re not alone, though according to Flea we’re “dinosaurs.”

You ninjaz are missing the point of Twitter: Instant updates on anything and everything Hip-Hop related. I follow artists, blogs/websites, and publications. I don’t follow friends, people who want to be friends, or ma’fuckaz who don’t share my interests.

But to better clarify my point, Belve said “I barely care enough about my own day-to-day life to be worried about anyone else’s.”

There is a certain narcissism in updating the world of the minutiae of our everyday lives. Does the world really give a fart if you’re brushing your teeth for your big day at work one minute, the next minute appreciating how cute your pedicure looks in sandals? And Flea, do I really want to know the instantaneous musings of rappers? Most of these MFs are hard enough to talk to in person, let alone in the censor-free world of the internet because the self-important blathering is so never ending.

It’s masturbatory. Like an internet-wide circle jerk of the daily mundane.

And I knew Twitter would be as passing a fancy as snap bracelets and Koosh balls over a three-fold process…

1. Everyone started referring to everyone else with an “@” before the name, i.e. @suckmydick. This Twitter shit is incredible.

2. Oprah and Larry King created accounts. Old folks moving into the neighborhood is not the business.

3. Ashton Kutcher has a million followers. You know when else Ashton Kutcher had a million followers? Remember when he started wearing Von Dutch trucker hats on “Punk’d”? Yeah. How’s that look working out for you?

I know I’m a Debbie Downer on this. And this is all a bit too hypocritical coming from a woman who writes for a blog and can rant on whateverthehell she wants, wheneverthehell she wants to. But the fundamental difference is I’m an editor by habit who thinks about what write before I write it. I am mindful of the repercussions of my words, and I understand not everything I do is interesting to the world. Which is why I don’t tell y’all what I’m doing all day every day — because that. shit. is. boring.

On the other hand, Twitter landed our own David D. a radio gig and I really can’t be mad at that. In fact, I give many a golf-clap to Twitter to that end. But who’s to say D couldn’t have done that on his own with a telephone or a handshake and a smile?

Yeah yeah, alright. I’ll get off my cynical soapbox. But hey, a little Hater Chris has gone a long way with my mental state. Now pardon me while I update my Facebook status, letting everyone know I love Chris long time.

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