A Collection Of Twitter Suggestions For #snlhost And #snlmusic We Wouldn’t Mind Seeing

10.25.12 5 years ago 14 Comments

Back in September, SNL‘s “Backstage Blog” announced that they loved being shouted at via social media about how Big Time Rush should be both the host and musical guest for every episode of SNL for the rest of time, so “once a month we’ll chose a day and open the floor to your suggestions on Facebook and Twitter.” What could go wrong?

Well, according to the #snlhost and #snlhost hashtags on Twitter, a lot of people want Big Time Rush and people from Glee and Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert to be the both host and musical guest for SNL. That’s bad.

What’s good, however, is that some people also came up with great SNL pairings. None work as well as my Alison Brie/corgi suggestion, but Max Greenfield and Miguel is pretty solid. Here are some of the best ideas (seriously, if Joel and Donald aren’t chosen, there’s going to be a riot).

Yes, some of the names have already been on the show before, but c’mon: Kanye and Dave would be amazing.

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