Twitter’s Worst Parody Accounts React To The Monday Night FalseFlag

11.21.13 4 years ago 20 Comments

So after the falseflag finish to MNF that put 9/11 to shame (look it up) I cruised twiter for a second just kind’ve expanding my #brand and cracking a few killer jokes about Gronks STDs. Anyhoo through a few clicks I stumbeled into a wormhole that I never knew existed. A bunch of parody accounts were just all tweeting at each other and retweeting other parody accounts in a big circle jerk where everyones wearing Guy Fawkeses masks with there characters name on a post-it slapped to there forehead. I grabbed a few screencaps for you to look at with me:

imageimage (3)

image (2)image (1)













There was much much more to this then just these four pics but my phones storage is totally full probly from all the pics Michelle Beadles been sending me recently but thats totaly unrelated,, I have no idea why I even brought it up but its true. I also took the liberty to transcribe there entire interactions with each other. Please note all conversations are strictly Parody:

@FauxAndyLuck: Lol. What a terible call. (Andy Luck voice)

@FakeRodgers: Bullshit. Carolina gets all the calls.

@CockyBelichick: Wow. We got so screwed.

@DoucheyBigBen: This tweet has nothing to do w/ me or me being Ben Rothlisberger FYI

@BitchyGiselle: Patriots lost wtf? Pls RT

@FakeLB26: Lol what a terible call. #followback

@DouchyTomBrady: #Fail

@DoucheyTomBrady: @DouchyTomBrady Oh hey man

@DouchyTomBrady: @DoucheyTomBrady Lol. Hey didnt see you in court the other day irl

@DoucheyTomBrady: @DouchyTomBrady Yea I got lost again.

@CockyTomBrady: Wow we got screwed tonight. #wtf #parody

@FakeRodgers: hey @bitchygisele your hot do u actually look like Giselle? #nfl

@BitchyGiselle: no im a dude

@FakeRodgers: me to

Door Flies Open-

Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 4.08.47 PM


All: Caaa-AAAAAm


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