Two9 – “Where The Money At?” Video

04.06.13 5 years ago

“My momma always told me get a 9 to 5/ I said ‘F*ck that, where the money at?'”

Friday was one of those days where Two9’s latest single really fit the bill. Unless the perks of your job justify meddling around in mediocrity and letting people yank your strings on a whim, chunking up the deuce and asking “Where The Money At?” elsewhere seems like a solid plan of attack.

Luckily for this Atlanta-based clique, they were keen enough to bypass that unassisted route earlier than most, serving as the production arm to some of your favorite artists. Then, when rapping become priority, this double-digit outfit was able to align themselves with 2012’s breakout producer, Mike Will Made It, which resulted in their open-handed collaboration from his renown Est In 1989 (Part 2.5) project.

Three months later, we have this visual reintroduction to accompany the stalking banger, which gives some insight into Curtis Williams’ rambunctious crew. Despite speaking for a living, this clip clearly shows their game plan for prolonged success involves much more doing and a lot less talking, which is really opportune in any avenue you seek.

That being said, expect to hear much more from these guys, as the young year continues to unravel and their level of f*cks given only falls further.

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