Ufford vs. The Maj. WHO YA GOT?

01.04.08 10 years ago 21 Comments

The playoffs have arrived and half of the rooting interests of KSK writers have earned the right to be eliminated by the second round. Sadly flubby’s Raiders, Punter’s Bengals and Drew’s Vikings were cast by the NFL wayside. My poor injury ravaged Steelers will probably be starting a few tough looking traffic cones at safety and offensive line against a suddenly supa popula Jacksonville team (if you’re gonna beat us, at least have the courtesy to beat New England, you humps). We know at least one team will survive for the divisional round: Caveman’s Seahawks or the Maj’s Redskins. WHO YA GOT?


Captain Caveman_______Unsilent Majority

Own projects

With Leather______Every other fucking blog on the internet

Typical apparel

Pinstripe pants and flaming red button down shirt with Spanish
flourishes________Whatever fucking sneakers Gilbert Arenas is flacking

Extralegal activities

Killing hookers_______Smoking weed stolen from dead hookers

Calls in favors from

Marine friends__________Other Jew columnists

Fond of

50-cent words_________50 Cent (kidding, he blows Kanye)

Toughest conflict

Iraq War___________Potomac, Md. money fight


The Big Lead______People of non-diminutive size who don’t play basketball

Finishing move

Antagonizing columnists at podunk newspapers___Making shitty bets

Humorous side note: The shoe pictured above is one Clinton Portis signed recently for the Maj, but addressed it to the wrong name. His name is not Jeff.

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