“Harry Assh*le”

06.07.09 8 years ago 6 Comments

My Shuffle caught me slippin’.

I avoided this song for THE longest time. But last week while getting my cardio on, I decided to load that Webbie mixtape to see just how terrible the mixing was (it was horrible).

That’s when this song snuck in and just…to be honest, Boosie’s verse, actually everybody’s verse was respectable. With a title like “Harry Asshole,” I expected the song to be an uncomfortable ode to dookie love. Instead, none of the sexually explicit verses strayed from anything too uncommon, detouring onto the Hershey Highway. Everybody’s except one.

I will not speak ill of those not here but…there’s some unwritten rule that says tossin’ salad & anal innuendos cannot be expressed in verse. Not in rap music. Given the fact that said artist did a little time in our country’s penal system gave cause for the side eye, believing that he picked up inspiration for his verse in an all-male shower makes it that much harder to casually listen to.

It reminds of college & that old House groove that would set off transplants from the D. & Chi, Outhere Brother’s “Fuk U In The Ass.”


Download — UGK Feat. Webbie & Lil Boosie – “Harry Asshole”

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