Ugly Bowl Voting: AFC East

01.02.14 4 years ago 33 Comments


Here we are again.  After Jon Ryan and Ryan Lindley handily dispatched their opponents two weeks ago, we’re finally able to move on to the AFC.  We begin with Bills v. Dolphins, a matchup that I promise is more interesting than it sounds.

Meet Frank Summers, fullback for the Bills.


He’s matching up with star receiver and Breaking Bad extra Brian Hartline, who is representing the Dolphins.


Next up, representing the New England Patriots, we have fullback James “The Chin” Develin.


At this point it’s probably becoming clear that people who have eyes that are too close together kind of freak me out.  Anyway.  Develin the Chin is matched up with Nick Folk, placekicker for the Jets, who apparently thought it was a great idea to wear a diamond stud earring to his ESPN player photoshoot.


The question remains:

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