Ugly Bowl Voting: AFC South Round 2

03.20.14 4 years ago 22 Comments


It wasn’t even fair last week. Doopy Pantz easily led the Browns to the AFC North Ugly Bowl title, and will be competing in the round of 8. Before we get there, however, we have unfinished business in the rest of the AFC. This week, we decide the South.


Matt Schaub emerged as an early favorite to make a deep run here in the tournament, easily dispatching Andrew Luck in the first round. But does he have the skills needed to keep the streak alive?


Schaub matches up with Chris Johnson and his grill, which is still scary. I feel like I need a tetanus shot just looking at that picture. Is CJ2YPC’s ugliness enough to keep Schaub from coasting to an AFC South championship in the Ugly Bowl? Well that all depends on your answer to the eternal question:

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