Unheralded Receivers Fight for Attention. WHO YA GOT?

12.12.08 9 years ago 15 Comments

Okay, you’ve suffered enough of my homerism for one day. Let’s turn our focus to another pivotal divisional matchup laden with playoff implications, as the Bucs, fresh off their humbling at the hands paws of the Panthers, take on the Falcons. Naturally, Jeff Garcia’s date with Matt Ryan will get all the attention, but what of the two receivers responsible for making them look good. WHO YA GOT?


Antonio Bryant_________________Roddy White

Relationship with the media


Relationship with Michael Vick

Warm to kinda warm_____________LIKE A HOTHOUSE FLOWER!

Critical mistake

Getting into it with Bill Parcells in Dallas_________Thinking “Roddy” is an upgrade over Sharod

Opposition to idiotic policy

Bucs fans tattling texts___________________Not being able to put furniture on your lawn in Jawja!

Is he actually good?

He had a good game last week!__________________Most definitely

Finishing move

Futilely trying to replicate one-handed catch for girls________Making us look dumb for thinking Matt Ryan was a bust. DAMN YOU!

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