US Patent Office rejects “Washington Redskin” Potatoes on grounds of hate-speech

03.21.14 4 years ago 51 Comments


I wish I could say Im suprised.

Im going to call the Federal Goverment “Dan Orlovsky” because its overstepping its bounds by rejecting a patent for “Washington Redskin” potatoes. From something called “Think Progress” aka Stink Progress, the US Patent office had this to say about why it would not approve the name:

Given that ‘REDSKIN’ in the mark is a derogatory slang term that refers to, and is considered offensive by, American Indians, registration of the applied-for mark must be refused” under the Trademark Act, a 1946 law that prohibits the trademarking of offensive or derogatory terms.

Lets get to the “Root” of this problem folks. We’ve evolved in to a nation of whiney babies and the Nanny State is simply shaking us until we shut are mouths. This ruling could mean that the Redskins football team could be in trouble if the US govt decide’s to take away its name after they already said they could have it then take it back again.

Well if we’re going to bend over backwards and outlaw “Washington Redskin Potatoes” on account of offense, what other items at the Supermarket needs to go? Heres a starter list:

  • Crackers- racist verse White Patriots
  • Granny Smith Apples- Racist against old people
  • Kiwi Fruit- Racist against Gay New Zealanders
  • Brazil nuts- I mean come on we get enough of that on the beaches of North Miami folks
  • Bulger Wheat- PTSD flashbacks for Rams fans
  • Greek Yogurt- Misrepresents Greece people because it doesnt grow unibrows and yell at strangers in public for honest mistakes
  • Chiquitas- Racist verse Mexican Pedophiles
  • Goobers- racist verse dyslexic nose-pickers
  • Arbor Mist- Racist against Michele Beadle just wanting to get a footrub and unwind on my couch
  • Black Cherrys- Racist against Lolo Jones


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