V-Nasty Got A “$750,000” Deal For “Music & Sh*t”

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04.26.13 39 Comments

Certain circumstances in life hold no clear explanation. For all of life’s other mysteries, add one more now that former White Girl Mob member V-Nasty reportedly scored a big fat contract with a label called Pinnacle Records. Yet, the bewilderment doesn’t stop there because Ms. Nasty’s situation is reportedly worth $750,000 for “music and shit” and she’s got something in the works with Ryan Seacrest (“There’s some shit that’s supposed to pop off, but I don’t want to talk about it much…”).

“While speaking on her nearly $1 million deal, V-Nasty doted on the ability to have “more freedom” as an artist signed to Pinnacle Records and revealed that her contract is currently set for three years.

“’It’s an independent deal. I don’t really know how to explain it, it’s independent as far as working with each other. It’s for three years of music and shit, but I’m ready to just keep going with them,’ V-Nasty revealed. ‘Of course, we’re gonna get more artists and shit. It’s big. It’s not no regular Warner Bros., but I feel I’m in a better position. More freedom.’”

More freedom to do what exactly?

She hints that the “shit” with Seacrest could potentially be a reality show. But the reality is what about Ms. Nasty’s reality are we supposed to be excited to see? I’m the least aware of if V-Nasty can rap because I’ve never checked her material. Maybe she can spit and do other “shit” that hasn’t been displayed on a larger level yet. In 2013, what label would risk that kind of paper on her after her former friend Kreayshawn shit a brick with her album? Shouldn’t Nasty’s fifteen minutes been up in 2011?

H/T: LA Weekly, HHDX

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