A VD Treat We Can Get Behind

02.14.07 11 years ago 53 Comments

Valentine’s Day, in a word, is bullshit.

If you’re a guy and you’re with someone, there’s an expectation that just never seems capable of being met. Any sort of conceivable gift seems to be either too inexpensive or not thoughtful enough. And if you don’t give her jewelry or a cell phone, then you’re just a fucking asshole.

The fact is that women don’t really care what they get, they just want ammunition so that they don’t get mowed down during the “What’d you get for VD” conversation with their friends, one of whom, statistically speaking, is (a) sure to be such a contrived cunt that she might as well be pacing in front of a giant American flag while wearing a helmet, and (b) always manages to find some guy stupid enough to spend time with her on V-Day. It’s not even about the premise of love, it’s about competing with the Cunty Pattons of the world. And if you’re not with someone, well, this day just blows even more.

So imagine our joy when somebody actually gave US something for Valentine’s Day. Oh yes. KSK self-professed lurker Spiderannn sent us this YouTube masterpiece, featuring some of our favorite images from our KSK playoff posts, a healthy dose of wit bordering on smarmy, and a couple digs at Ufford, which is always fun. Yeah, I guess I’m calling him Ufford now. It’s better than “The Uff,” at least.

Enjoy the movie, while I attempt to track down this young(?) woman and persuade her to conceive my children. Or at least buy her a cell phone. This clip will be our only item for the day, so if you have any sort of VD to pass along, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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