This Compilation Of Classic Movie Scenes Filmed Vertically Is Pure Evil (And Completely Necessary)

Creative Director
02.06.14 6 Comments

Vertical Video Syndrome is a very real epidemic that has ruined too many potentially fantastic home videos. Something needs to be done before it spreads any further.

That’s the inspiration behind the video above, which serves as an anti-vertical video PSA of sorts by posing the question, “What if classic movie scenes had been filmed vertically?” The results are not pretty. Look at all the half-faces and missed action. And more importantly, LOOK AT ALL THAT BLACK SPACE.

Vertical Video Syndrome must be stopped before it infects Hollywood. So please, hold your phone or camera horizontally. Film in landscape mode. A scourge like this starts by harmlessly destroying a few home videos of cats and birthday parties, but it’s a slippery slope. I don’t want to live in a world where we see only one of Nicolas Cage’s crazy eyes.

smc1377 via Daily of the Day

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