Vertical Video Syndrome PSA: Puppets Explain A Harrowing Illness, Insult George Lucas

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When we last checked in on Mario and Fafa of Glove and Boots, they were doing hilarious playthroughs of classic video games. Now they have returned for a far more serious subject: Vertical Video Syndrome. People holding their camera the wrong direction have ruined numerous potentially viral videos, and Mario and Fafa are here with a compelling theory about the unintended consequences of this seemingly harmless but incompetent camera work.

It makes sense. If we don’t end the scourge of Vertical Video Syndrome, Mila Kunis will get older and George Lucas will pimp out Star Wars for more money. Their logical is undeniable. I just hope we’re not too late to prevent both of those awful scenarios.


(H/T: LaughingSquid and Reddit)

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