Blue Chip Recruit Andrew Wiggins Delivers Disgusting Dunk On Innocent High Schooler

02.25.13 5 years ago 16 Comments

Hypocritical statement coming in 5,4,3,2,1. All the realignment in college basketball has pretty much killed my interest. Yet, the 2013-2014 men’s basketball season is one I’m eagerly anticipating. It’s all because of the freshman class led by Jabari Parker, who has been featured around here, Julius Randle, the Harrison Twins (Andrew and Aaron) and the #1 prospect/Canadian demigod in-the-making, Andrew Wiggins.

In case you’re unfamiliar with 6’7 forward, know these four things.

1. Andrew is already touted by some scouts to the top pick in the 2014 draft.

2. The label gets thrown around every year it seems, but Wiggins is viewed in many pro circles as the most “can’t-miss” prospect since LeBron and labeled the “Canadian Jordan” by recruiting analyst Tom Konchalski.

3. His list of schools are allegedly narrowed down to UNC, Kentucky, Florida State and Kansas.

4. Per Sports Illustrated: “Agents estimate that Wiggins could be worth $400 million in salary and endorsements, as he could be the first pre-ordained Canadian basketball star….”

The next few months of Wiggins’ life are important not only for him, but for the school he chooses and college basketball as a whole. From a selfish standpoint, here’s to Wiggins choosing UNC if for no other reason to take advantage of the opportunity to battle Parker and Duke twice (potentially three if they meet in the ACC tournament). Spurred by stellar freshman seasons, both Wiggins and Parker declare pro where their budding rivalry is taken to new heights in the NBA.* At least, that’s how I’ve mapped the entire chain of events in my head.

Believe the scouting report, and Andrew has not one flaw to his game. At least not at this level. There’s still time to pick apart his style of play and decide whether or not he is the King Leonidas of Canada’s mission of basketball relevancy in North America. In the meantime, watch Wiggins’ latest visual exploit as he annihilates some young kid with a dunk off a two-footed jump stop. Then he stares him down the entire way down the court.

Drew may want to eliminate that part to his game though. Looking at a person too long in the NBA is grounds for a technical foul, suspension, fine and anger management counseling.


* – Picture this scenario. Let’s say Wiggins actually does choose UNC, lives up to the hype becomes the unquestioned number one pick and the Bobcats fail to improve next season (highly possible). You don’t think Michael Jordan would send word down from his executive suite to tank the season (which they may not even have to try to do) all in hopes to bring a UNC guy to help turn his franchise around? Of course he does.

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