Blake Griffin, Once Again

02.03.11 7 years ago 16 Comments

Another night, another insane Blake Griffin highlight.

As Gotty™ alluded to the last time the Clipper rookie sensation appeared around these parts, it’s become almost routine to wake up to another ridiculous feat of athleticism from this man. But take a moment and try to look at this highlight with fresh eyes.

See how Blake easily rises to another level in the air, that Korver simply cannot reach. See how he controls a less-than-perfect Randy Foye lob in one single fluid motion. See how he absorbs Korver crashing into him, who despite being easy to mock, is still a 6’7″, 212 pound man running at full speed. Check out Bill Simmons, transplant Clipper supporter and ESPN columnist, in the midst of a “fangasm” at 0:10. (his words, not mine.) As Griffin consistently amazes us each and every night, it’s easy to lose sight of how absurd he truly is. But damn, I’m thankful to be able to watch this guy perform at the top of his game. We’ll tell our kids about this season.

For extra thrills, toss in the reverse jam on Taj Gibson.

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