On “Son Of A Gun” & Why Cory Gunz Isn’t A Superstar

05.02.11 6 years ago 30 Comments

As an admitted Cory Gunz fan that’s followed his career for nearly 10 years, I was greatly interested by his new reality show on MTV, Son Of A Gun. While the 30 minute debut was a pretty fascinating program in its own right, those of us that have been long-time fans have an appreciation for the nuances that the show presents. At the end of the first episode, I had a pretty clear understanding as to why Cory Gunz hasn’t been able to get his career on the right path despite the fact he’s one of the most talented MCs to hold a mic. The two men responsible for Cory’s inability to excel are unfortunately the two men closest to him: his dad, Peter Gunz, and Cory himself.

Let’s start with Daddy Gunz. For those of you that don’t know, Peter Gunz is a washed-up rapper that had a hit with “Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)” almost 15 years ago. While his experience and connections in the business have undoubtedly helped little Gunz, the fact that Peter is still clinging to his last glimmer of stardom is apparent from the moment he steps in front of the camera on Son Of A Gun. One knock on Cory throughout the years has been the belief that his dad takes over his business and becomes totally unbearable to work with. You see that here, with Peter stepping in and being overbearing.

You also see the painfully obvious fact that Peter still believes he has a shot at more success and his son is just another way to accentuate the brand of Peter Gunz. Who do you think it benefits to call the show “Son Of A Gun? The episode ends with Peter telling Cory’s potential managers to only go through dad when it comes to the son’s business. Peter sounds strikingly similar to those ex-semi-pro basketball dads that push their sons extra hard during YMCA rec games only as a testament to the dad’s previous successes. This reality series is sure to shed light on exactly how much Peter has been holding his son back.

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