Video: Dee-1 Takes SXSW

03.24.12 6 years ago

Rappers, listen up. If you want to know what it takes to utilize your talents to their utmost potential, follow Dee-1. Dude should be teaching classes on marketing somewhere as he was out in Austin making power moves all week while 99 percent of rappers were out like chickens with their heads cut off passing around CDs. Every time I ran into him, he was telling me about something major that happened. This video is just a snippet of all he was able to accomplish. Plus, he took some time to show some Hoop & Hang footage which is pretty cool to look at.

Here’s another thing for your rappers to pay attention to: have a strong team around you. Dee was able to come up with a phenomenal video just five days after SXSW and I know that he values his team and gives them credit as the driving force behind his success. I can only imagine what kind of video he’ll be featured in during his 2013 campaign.

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