So, Rick Ross And Drake Are Both Releasing 5 Cig Albums

09.02.11 6 years ago 25 Comments

And that’s according to Drake and Rick Ross referring to the other’s respective project. MTV caught up with 75% of the “I’m On One” quartet at some random party and got them speaking about their upcoming, highly anticipated fall LP’s. Aubrey says God Forgives, I Don’t is a hybrid of Ready To Die, Doggystyle and Lord Willin’ while Rozay cements Take Care will all but put the 4.5 Cig Thank Me Later to shame. Tall praise and exactly the type of stuff you’d expect them to say, but this leads me to three thoughts:

1. I nearly turned this into a post in itself. It’s not the popular sentiment, nor do I really care, but I fully expect Take Care to be one of 2011’s best pieces of work. I’m talking top two or three. Yep, possibly even better than the “instant classic” Watch The Throne. Regardless of all the jokes, fake Twitter pages and .gifs circulating about the guy, Drake can make some good ass music and that’s the main thing I ask from my artists.

2. My appreciation for Ross’ music here at TSS has never been timid. Still, the guy has a thing for making 3.5 Cig albums. He snags the ever-illusive 4 with GFID only if he doesn’t incorporate a God-awful track like “No. 1” with Diddy and Trey Songz from Teflon Don.

3. Somewhat irrelevant to this, but did anyone hear Weezy’s threatening to crack a milli in a week for the second time in his career? Pending those numbers are anywhere near the actual figures, that will be more than Jay/’Ye and Beyonce’s first week numbers combined. Expect C5 to sound just like C4, only with more of these.

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