Video: It’s ‘Iron Man 3’ As A 16-Bit Video Game

07.31.13 4 years ago

When it comes to opinions on Iron Man 3, I probably fall somewhere between Vince’s glowing praise at FilmDrunk and Nathan’s pure, unadulterated hatred at Gamma Squad, but in the end it was a fun movie to watch and I appreciate it for that, despite its flaws. But as I watched Marvel’s The Avengers the other day for the sixth or seventh time, I decided that I wanted to watch Iron Man 3 again and see if I have a better opinion than, “Shiny object goes weeeeeeee!”

Alas, I still have to wait until September 24 to (legally) handle that matter, but fortunately the folks at Movieclips Trailers posted this 16-bit video game treatment of Iron Man 3, and it was basically like watching the movie again in fast forward. Except, like with most 8- or 16-bit videos – especially the Anchorman version – I now want to spend the rest of the night playing original Nintendo games.

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