Kanye West Had A Moment While Performing In Australia

02.23.12 6 years ago 16 Comments

“Ain’t no sex like your ex…”

It’s hard to keep up with Kanye these days, yet thanks to random recordings at concerts I can confidently say Mr. West is on the other side of the world doing whatever the hell he pleases. While at home in Melbourne, Austrailia – that “home” being the stage, of course – ‘Ye launched into a seven minute who-knows-what-this-actually-is for everyone in attendance over the light backdrop of his 808’s & Heartbreaks staple, “Say You Will.”

The rant, which largely focuses on a previous relationship/fling/love (possibly all three rolled into one), showcases the comical, emotional and painful dimensions of Kanye. For as open as his music affords him to be, there’s still a large part of his life which remains unclear. There’s no way to tell if he’s speaking of you know who during this clip. However, it is more than evident there’s some young lady out there who continues to be in control of his heart.

[Nah Right]

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