Kevin Love & Blake Griffin Square Off In An Intense Jenga Series

07.13.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

Remember when the question over who to send to the All Star Game, Blake Griffin or Kevin Love, was a hot topic of debate this past winter? Both players, obviously aligned for their breakout seasons at the same position, decided it only made sense to confirm who’s the better player over an intense three game series of Jenga. The clip was recorded by ESPN and is scheduled to be used in some fashion at tonight’s ESPY Awards.

What’s interesting to note is that Blake, once considered a droid who was prohibited from showing emotion, is making an honorable effort to improve his marketing visibility off the basketball court. And Kevin Love’s branding cleverness is already well known through his commercials and ASG campaigning techniques. Still, the most entertaining part of the video, for as simple as it was, happened to be the chemistry the two portrayed. What Love and Griffin could market as a duo is sketchy – other than playing for “unique” general managers – but I’m sure Sportscenter could craft two or three quality commercials featuring this duo of 4’s.

On a related note, however, “speed Jenga” is tough as all hell. Try it the next time you’re around the game. Better yet, try it with a few drinks in your system.

Respect: PBT

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