Video: Killer Mike Performs “God In The Building”

10.04.09 8 years ago 9 Comments

As we finish rendering video of the performances from the last two nights @ the Five Spot, I figured sharing this would be a good placeholder. Saturday night, the crew was doing double-duty as part of us were @ The Five filming and snapping pics while myself, TC & the homie BK went down the street to the East Atlanta Ice House for Myspace’s The Release with Rakim as the headliner. Atlanta’s own Mike Bigga, The Artist Formerly Known As Killer, took the stage right before Ra and put on a set that was capped off by performing “God In The Building,” playing the perfect lead into Rakim’s entrance.

Killer Mike – “God In The Building” from The Smoking Section on Vimeo.

Truth be told it was hard to be anything but a fan last night as you can see from my shakey camera skills. BK had the super-duper camera but he was with TC interviewing Rakim (swarefogod that man didn’t have a shadow; there was just a faint illumination following in his wake) so I had to make due. Seeing as how I was entranced, rapping verbatim with Mike…fuck all that “I gotta get that footage for the readers.” I was a fan for those minutes; I’m just sharing with you because that’s what we do.

After walking out of the venue, TC and I said the same thing about hearing the mummer of the bass, haunting repetitive wails & the poignancy of the lyrics all come together to make the song one thing when performed live.


And we are supporters. Bang! Bang! Bang!

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