Video: Killer Mike x Pill At SXSW

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03.23.10 7 Comments

Motion Family’s video would lead you to believe that Mike & Pill performed together & tore it down @ SXSW. They did, of sorts. Pill went on around 10pm and Mike was in the venue. He got amped and straight up took the stage near the end of Pill’s set (I have footage somewhere). It turned into a mini-Grind Time Rap Reunion (including a nice version of “If I Can’t Eat Right”) before Mike segued into his own set. Needless to say, the energy was flowing throughout the crowd. About 15 minutes into Mike rushing the stage, the guy seen the black shirt (around the 5:20 mark) – who I assume was the stage manager – let Mike know he’d jumped his time slot and would be cut short. Technically, it was fair but still it was the definition of…, word to Alley. Not to mention the same black shirt villain appeared near the end of Mike’s second set to tell him it was time to close down the venue. While he was cordial during the first exchange, Killer (still politely) informed said individual that he loved him “but I’ll tackle yo ass right about now.” Hilarious to even think of the prospect because I think the rickety stage would’ve came tumbling down if it did happen.

While we’re @ it, The Pack (or their label) must’ve greased hella palms because these guys got ample stage time @ multiple showcases. In a situation where 20 minutes is good, these dudes got 40+ minutes of stage time that’s normally reserved for headlining acts. Not that it mattered because they couldn’t rock a baby in a cradle much less a crowd. By the time Mike went on after them @ his original slated time of 1am, the crowd was damn near nonexistent & certainly deflated.

But thank God Motion Family caught great footage of the first performance & did slick editing to make it look peachy keen.

Motion Family via BLVDST

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