Michael Jordan Tells LeBron To Stop Making Excuses

11.26.10 7 years ago 33 Comments

“Maybe I made you think my highlights started at the free throw line and not in the gym.”

Facing the facts, everyone is of an opinion when it comes to LBJ “taking his talents to South Beach.” Not a day passes where the new Miami trio isn’t mentioned and swirl builds up, comments ensuing. While the media mavericks at Weiden & Kennedy may have helped stem a fraction of the detractors and put LeBron’s perspective out there with the original “Rise” ad, countless denizens of the Net have even taken the “Rise” commercial as fuel to critique and answering the Chosen One’s questions with video responses. YouTube user Tom Hinueber creates “Maybe You Should Rise,” a smartly done mashup of Nike’s “Maybe” and “Rise” ads and virtually positions Nike branding forefather MJ advising LeBron on what he should do.

In an odd way, even the apparent losing is a win for the athlete and Nike. People love to root against the villain just as much as they cheer for their heroes. They tune in and watch every turn, waiting to see if what mishaps befall the bad guy…but they’re tuned in. See how that works?

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