Video: Mortal Kombat Bus Bloodbath

02.18.10 7 years ago 20 Comments

Just yesterday, we witnessed a video of historic significance in the world wide web’s storied existence. Reaching over a million views across the net in matter of a day, it’s these type of videos that make YouTube worth treasuring and, naturally, folks seek to improve on the action.

I don’t know what would possess a mind to come up with this shit, or who has Mortal Kombat materials on deck for photoshop, but we all should bow our heads and give thanks for the lunacy.

Never mind that there’s a continuation of the fisticuffs on the transit. Epic Beard Guy, as he’s now known across the net, goes full Lord Raiden on Tyrone (racist much?) in this remix classic.

The real fatality = death by laughter. It took me an hour to keep my composure just to embed the video.

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