Adidas Goes All In Supporting Skewby

04.01.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

Amazing things happen when you consistently position yourself in the right place. Skewby’s a prime example of thoughts and dreams being achieved and it’s something we’ve known since our first listen. That’s why this partnership between the three-stripe empire and our favorite Memphis youngblood have us smug. Even though we’ve seen how blogosphere support can build brands for artists and land them credible deals with corporate clout, seeing Skewby D go from a few sites posting his first mixtape, Proving You Wrong Since 1988, to having iconic companies helping him mass produce his always proud voice only a few years later is something remarkable.

Apparently, if you couple some talent with consistency and a solid support system, good things do happen in the long run – which is actually what this Game Face video spot is about. Being ready and staying ready.

Keep that in mind when you’re wondering why your mixtape hasn’t made you millions yet.

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