Video: T.I. Prepares For Release Of New Year’s Day Mixtape

12.28.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

Rewind back to September 2011. T.I. was gearing for his return to the free world and nearly as many questions circled around his career than the NBA lockout. A piece I wrote entitled “Shattered Crown: Can T.I. Take Over Rap Again?” dealt with issues and suggestions little ol’ me deemed relevant to Tip. Well, given his movements since walking out the belly of the beast, Clifford’s actions have been almost tailor made to what we provided.*

Arguably the main point of the entire post dealt with T.I.’s need to create a new project prior to the album dropping that would stand as his declaration of reemergence, of sorts.

“Between making sure his small army of kids are ready to return to school and Tiny’s squared away, locking himself in the studio and somehow channeling a Down With The King 2, or some variation of it, has to be done.”

Come New Year’s Day, Fuck Da City Up drops marking The King’s first project since 2010’s widely considered disappointment, No Mercy. It really appears Tip is taking branding himself as an artist again seriously. That’s good, too. Judging already from the clip below**, this’ll be lightyears superior to Fuck A Mixtape. Not that that’s saying much, but still. Glad to know T.I. and his people frequent these pages. And yes, I will keep telling myself that until I actually believe it.

* – As suggested, Tip hopped on the remix to Meek Mill’s I’ma Boss.” That didn’t exactly turn out the way we expected, but it’s great to know he’s open for ideas.

** – Shoutout to the random Dee-1 studio appearance in clip two. The guy’s going places.

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